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Private Concert: 

Acoustic Sessions from Quarantine

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On January 5th, we decided to challenge ourselves:

Could we record a full length album while stuck in quarantine?

And could we do it in 5 days?

With masks on and hand sanitizer at the ready, we got to work. Setting up tiny studios in each other’s living rooms, closets and home studios, each member of The Limit recorded their parts separately and socially distant from each other.  We only recorded one or two takes per song and the entire album was recorded simply using a Shure SMB7 and SM81 microphone.

5 days later, we had 7 tracks completed!

This album is beautiful and intimate. While many of the songs are also on our full length record, Estate Sale, in this new acoustic format they take on an entirely new energy.

We miss playing live music, So until we can all be together again, this album is our way of performing a private concert just for you.

In 2015, Aaron Lindstrom formed the acoustic trio, Lindstrom and The Limit. As the band grew in popularity, they also grew in size. Over the past 6 years, The Limit has morphed into a 9 piece soul-folk-rock power house, that puts on a live show like you've never seen before.

Fusing elements of folk, funk, soul, blues and rock - The Limit's sound is truly unique and the energy from their live shows has helped them sell out some of Seattle's most legendary stages.

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