In 2015, Aaron Lindstrom formed the acoustic trio, Lindstrom and The Limit. As the band grew in popularity, they also grew in size. Over the past 6 years, The Limit has morphed into a 7 piece soul-folk-rock powerhouse that puts on a live show like you've never seen before. Fusing elements of folk, funk, soul, blues and rock - The Limit's sound is truly unique and the energy from their live shows has helped them pack some of Seattle's most legendary stages.

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Aaron Lindstrom
-Rhythm Guitar, Vocals, Tambourine-

lindstrom and the limit l 10-4-2019 l hi

Dave Thurston

-Lead Guitar-

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Nikki Pope


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Shaun Crawford
-Bass Guitar-


Quinn Christofferson

-Trombone & Vocals-


Eric Stevens


lindstrom and the limit l 10-4-2019 l hi

Tyler Stevens


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